18 Nov 2017 
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 Can I change the banner on a template?
 Yes. Most templates allow you to insert your own image as a top banner as long as it is the same size (in pixels) as the original one. Just go to the design page, banners section, hit the browse button, find your image and then press upload
 What are the minimum system requirements?
 Minimum system requirements for Teckna Website Builder are as follows: Internet Explorer 5.5 and aboveMozilla 1.4 and aboveFirefox 1.0 and above
 How do I start a Teckna Website Builder 30 day FREE Trial?
 Please go to http://www.tecknaonline.com/website-builder-free-trial.htm and will give you access and details about the Teckna Website Builder 30 day FREE
 How do I log in to Teckna Website Builder?
 You can access the Teckna Website Builder login page via your control panel (log in as Domain Administrator), or take a shortcut directly to the Teckna Website Builder login via:http://
 What designs are available?
  There are over 500 designs available and these can be viewed when you login inot the site builder or try the free trial.You can also view a gallery of the available designs at
 How many pages can I have?
  In theory you could have unlimited number of pages.In practice most of the design templates will have a natural limit as to how many pages and subpages can fit in your website.
 Can I change the content and design?
 Yes, you can change the content and design of your Teckna Website Builder website as often as you like.If you change to a new design template, all your content automatically reformat for that design.
 What skills do i need to use the Teckna Website Builder?
 You need no specialist technical skills to use the Teckna Website Builder, like html, css or javascript. Building and editing a website in Teckna Website Builder is as simple as using a word processing package like Word.
 Adding a contact / enquiry form to your site
 If you want to add a contact or enquiry form to your site, there is a prepared module you can use.Go into "edit" on the page you want the form on, this is the same as if you were changing the page text.Now drag the &
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