23 Jan 2018 
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 Setting up email on your iPhone / iPad
  Setting Up your email account on your iPhone or iPadĀ  This FAQ has been used many times to set up iPhone / iPad email accounts. If this does not work for you, please co
 How do I set up a new Email Address?
  New email addresses can be created by the Domain Administrator using the Control Panel. Log into th
 How do I use webmail to read and send email online?
  Teckna WebmailReading and sending email online is achieved via the Teckna Webmail service. Teckna Webmail is a fully featured email system available online via yo
 How to set up Windows Mail (Windows Vista) for Teckna Email
 Please follow these instructions in order to configure Windows Mail (Windows Vista) to receive and send email. Please note that these instructions are valid only for email services provided by Teckna. Prepare your Setup Information
 How to set up Email Sharing
 The following article describes how to configure email when two or several people need to receive the same incoming email address. You may be a business owner and want your secretary or assistant to receive a complete copy of all emails that
 How to set up Email Forwarding
 Email forwarding is set up in the Control Panel by the Domain Administrator or by an Email User. Log in to the Control Panel as Domain Administrator or Email User (
 How do I change my Email Password?
 You can change your email password in the Control Panel as the Domain Administrator or as an Email User. Log in to the Control Panel as Domain Administrator or Email User (
 How to use the Teckna Spam Filter
 The Teckna Spam Filter is controlled and configured from the Control Panel. Each mailbox has it's own individual spam filter settings and configuration. Log in to the Control Panel as Domain Administrator or Email User (
 What is POP3
 'POP3' stands for Post Office Protocol-version 3 and is a server which stores your email. When an email is sent to you, it is stored on a server (called the POP3 server) until it is downloaded via your email client (Outlook, Netscape Mail,
 Teckna SMTP Server
  You can use our SMTP server for sending emails via your phone / Outlook type programs.The incoming and out going SMTP server are the same:mail.youdomain.com where you replace yourdomain.com with your
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