18 Nov 2017 
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 Can I pay an invoice online?
 If you have received an invoice for a Teckna service, such as email or website hosting setup or renewal, domain registration or renewal, you can make a payment via a
 How Can I Pay an Invoice?
 Teckna accepts the following payment methods for payment of invoices (including yearly hosting fees, domain renewals and other one-off invoices):
 Change in VAT rate to 15% on 1 December 2008
  As a result of the change in VAT rate to 15% on 1 December 2008 Teckna has made the following changes to invoices and billing in order to apply the new VAT rate.
 How can I pay for my email or website hosting?
  A number of payment options are available to pay for your Teckna email and/or website hosting service. Pay MonthlyEmail and website hosting can be paid for on a monthly basis, via direct debit or credit/debit card on file. Plea
 Can I Upgrade My Account?
  Yes, of course. Please contact Teckna and we can arrange to have your Email account to be upgraded to a full Website Hosting account, or for a standard website hosting to be upgraded to the advanced service. All configuration
 Is there a minimum term contract?
 Yes, the minimum term contract for Teckna website hosting and email services is 12 months.
 RBS WorldPay FuturePay Recurring Payments - Monthly Payments by Credit Card
 Monthly payments for web and/or email hosting via debit or credit card are collected via a system called FuturePay.  This system is operated on our behalf by RBS WorldPay.  Please refer to the
 How to log in to RBS WorldPay FuturePay Agreement
 1. Open your favourite browser and go to the WorldPay Shopper page:http://www.rbsworldpay.com/shopper/2. Click on the Agreemen
 Forgotten RBS WorldPay FuturePay Login Details & Password?
 If you have forgotten your RBS WorldPay FuturePay login details, you can generate a new password by using the Forgot your password? link. To do this you will need the email address associated with your Agreement plus EITHER your FuturePay
 How to Change Your RBS WorldPay FuturePay Card Details
 RBS WorldPay FuturePay payments can be made by debit or credit card. If your debit or credit card expires or you wish your FuturePay payments to be debited from an alternative card it is your responsibility to update your card details in the Shopper Ma
 Failed RBS WorldPay FuturePay Card Payments
 I've received a card failure email - what do I do?If a recurring (FuturePay) payment attempt fails it means that the payment was not authorised by your card issuer. This could be for a number of reasons - perhaps the card details stored under yo
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