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 How to set up Email Sharing

The following article describes how to configure email when two or several people need to receive the same incoming email address.

You may be a business owner and want your secretary or assistant to receive a complete copy of all emails that come into your info@ account. Or you may be two or more business partners who want to receive all incoming email to your sales@ email account. Whatever your configuration, the following describes how to set up mailboxes to achieve this.

Example: Mr Colin Smith and Mr Bill Banks are business partners and own the domain name 'smith-banks.com'. They each would like to have their own individual email address, colin.smith@smith-banks.com and bill.banks@smith-banks.com. In addition to this they want the email address enquiries@smith-banks.com, and this is the email address that they wish to share and both get a copy of all incoming emails.

  1. First their two personal email addresses are created, colin.smith@smith-banks.com and bill.banks@smith-banks.com as two separate mailboxes (see How to set up a new email address/mailbox).
  2. Then the third email address is created, enquiries@smith-banks.com, this also needs to have its on separate mailbox.
  3. Next, a Mail Group is created for the mailbox enquiries@smith-banks.com, with each email address that should receive copies of incoming email added to the mail group.
  4. Last, the mailbox for enquiries@smith-banks.com is disabled. This means that the original receiving mailbox will not fill up with emails after they have been distributed to the mail group.

When Mr Smith now checks his email (either via Teckna Webmail or downloaded to his desktop pc) he receives all email addressed to colin.smith@smith-banks.com and enquiries@smith-banks.com. Mr Banks receives in his inbox all email addressed to bill.banks@smith-banks.com and enquires@smith-banks.com. And they are very happy.

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