23 Jan 2018 
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 How to use the Teckna Spam Filter

The Teckna Spam Filter is controlled and configured from the Control Panel. Each mailbox has it's own individual spam filter settings and configuration.

  1. Log in to the Control Panel as Domain Administrator or Email User (how?)
  2. Click on the 'Mail' icon in the 'Services' section (if you can't see the 'Mail' icon or 'Services' section, click on the 'Home' link in the top left hand corner of your screen)
  3. Click on the email address that you wish to configure the spam filter settings for

You can now set the spam filter on or off, and change the individual settings for the filter.

Switching the spam filter on or off
Click on the 'Mailbox' icon in the 'Tools' section, then tick/untick the box for 'Enable spam filtering' as required. Click 'OK' button save your changes.

Changing the spam filter settings
First make sure the spam filter is switched on, see above. To change the spam filter settings, click the 'Spam Filter' icon in the 'Tools' section.

  • Personal settings In the Personal settings section you can tell the spam filter how you want it to deal with suspected spam, 'Delete' or 'Mark as spam and store in mailbox'. You can also set 'Hits required for spam' - the default setting is 3. A lower setting (1 or 2) will use stricter rules for identifying spam, and will catch even more spam, BUT it may also catch genuine non-spam emails. A higher setting (4 to 7) will use less strict rules for identifying spam, and will let more spam get through.
  • Black list We do not recommend the use of the black list to add spammers email addresses, as it will degrade the performance of your account and mailbox but will not have much effect on preventing or stopping spam. Spammers frequently change email addresses and anything you add to the black list will soon be obsolete.
  • White list The white list is useful to add email addresses or domains that have previously been caught as spam, but is in fact email that you want to receive. Type the email address you want to add to your white list in the box for 'E-mail pattern' and click the 'Add' button.

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