18 Nov 2017 
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 Dealing with Spam

To help you deal with the ever increasing problem of spam emails (unsolicited bulk emails) Teckna have put together the following guidelines. The Teckna Spam filter, available on all Teckna Email addresses, is a powerful tool which will identify and either highlight or delete (your choice!) any incoming email suspected to be spam. However, there are also other things you can do.

Avoid common email addresses; info@, admin@, sales@
Spammers will always try to target the most common email addresses that many businesses use, like info@, admin@, sales@. So if you use one of these email addresses all the spammers need to know is your domain name, and the rest they will just keep trying until they find one that works.

Avoid using a 'catch-all mailbox'
For the same reasons as above, if you use a 'catch-all' alias on your email account (ie you can receive emails to 'anything-and-everything@yourdomain.com') you give the spammers an advantage as they don't have to know any full email addresses you use, they just need to know your domain name.

Don't respond to 'Remove me from mailing list'
This is a tricky one, as some companies will genuinely remove you from their mailing lists if you ask them to. However, if you get completely unsolicited spam emails from someone you have never heard of before, don't follow their link to 'remove me from mailing list' - if you do, you actually give them an email address that they now know is real and will add it instead of removing it. The ones that are probably safe to respond to would be from UK bluechip companies and well know brand names and sites, and where you know you have signed up to one of their mailing lists in the past.

Don't bother with blacklists
It will not make the situation any worse, but you will also not help stop spam by adding spammers email addresses to a black list. As soon as a spammer has used one email address to send out a bulk spam mailing, they will discard it and next time use a different address. So any effort you spend adding spammers email addresses to black lists will be more or less wasted.

Please go on to read about How to use the Teckna Spam Filter


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