18 Nov 2017 
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 Choosing a good Domain Name


  • Do select a domain extension that is representative of the locality in which you operate. If you are a UK based business operating in the UK, a .uk domain extension will be more informative to your customers than using a .com extension.
  • Do check the spelling of your domain, as we will register any domain exactly as we receive it on your domain order.
  • Do make the domain name as representative of your business or product name as you can. If your business name is already in use by someone else with the same or similar name as yours, try to add the town or area where you operate if you run a local business.
  • Protect your domain name by registering both the .co.uk and .com domain extensions. Many customers will forget whether your website ends in the .com or the .co.uk extension, so why not make sure it can be found on both! (Two or more domain names can be in effect for and point to the same Teckna website).


  • Do not use hyphens in your domain name if you can avoid it, people tend to forget them when typing in an email address or website address.
  • Avoid overly long or complicated domain names, or names that are commonly misspelt.

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