23 Jan 2018 
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 Teckna SMTP Server
Solution You can use our SMTP server for sending emails via your phone / Outlook type programs.

The incoming and out going SMTP server are the same:

mail.youdomain.com where you replace yourdomain.com with your domain name i.e.   mail.billybooks.co.uk

In order to send mail through our mail servers, your email client must be configured to use SMTP Authentication.

Change the port to 587

Common email clients include a tickbox in the account configuration with the label "This server requires authentication". That box should be ticked, otherwise look for a setting on the outgoing server settings that refers to authentication and set it to use the same username and password for the incoming server.

In Outlook, this is found in "more settings" in the mail account.  In there you will also need to set "my server requires authentication" and tick "use same settings as incoming email server".

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